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It has been nearly a year since I’ve posted anything of late. Quite a lot has changed over the past months, some good and some not-so-good. However, I still consider it an overall positive time. I’ve had to stop development on Cursed Gold due to our funding getting cut. I had the option of pushing forward with a Kickstarter, however, I knew that without the grant funding, it would not be the game I wanted it to be.

It took me a long time to come to terms with this. I wasn’t sure how I felt, or how I would react to working on this post, so I just ignored it. I ignored it for a long time, going through the motions, and just getting by. However, I’m now at a point where I finally feel like doing something about it. I’ve closed the forums on Cursed Gold for the time being, and it will be put on permanent hiatus until further notice.

Looking back at Cursed Gold, I still admire the project. I don’t have animosity or hatred for the events that happened. How could I? I was able to do what I love to do, but also learned a lot! My biggest take away was that, scope of a project gets out of hand very, very quickly. I wanted Cursed Gold to be amazing, and part of what makes games amazing in today’s standards seems to incorporate a lot of depth and complexity. We had a really cool system for delivering this ides, but from a single programming perspective and a short development time frame, it got out of hand and felt overwhelming.

The largest issue that I didn’t care for was trying to run a studio, while developing a game. I spent so much of my time taking care of business needs that I started feeling overwhelmed because I couldn’t actually work on the game. Not to mention I was trying to work another job that kept interrupting my development time. Still had bills to pay and personal commitments to make. It just wasn’t coming together like I thought it would.

I started a new job, one that has given me a lot more free time throughout my week. So, I hope to pickup the Wii U development kit sometime soon so I can start tinkering with it. I’ve discovered a love for electronics with my new job working on copiers. The technology that drives those machines is astounding, and the job provides me with a sense of security that I didn’t have previously.

Looking forward, I am going to work on two separate blogs. The Wicked Soul Studios website will be rebuilt, kinda. I’ll be removing the Cursed Gold Forums from the website, and the blog will be in reference to any kind of game development related information I am working on. I’ll be creating a personal blog at for everything else. Wicked Soul Studios isn’t done yet, I have no intention of given that up, but I currently don’t have any ideas on what its endgame will be as of yet.

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