Part 2 of CJ’s Trip to GDC 2015!

Following the previous article, CJ continued to talk about his experience at GDC!

“After returning from the Game Developer Conference (GDC), a lot of people asked me questions about what it was like in San Francisco. I surprised myself with my response; I was so glad to be back in Fargo, and doing the work I love doing.

Support from the Fargo community

Fargo is in its prime right now. I run and own my own company making games, which is what I love doing. Being a game developer is who I am at my core. It is literally a dream come true, and it took me a long time of perseverance to achieve it. I sent out over 200 resumes across the country looking to get into this field. And whether you believe me or not, I believe that God shut those doors because I was meant to be successful here in Fargo. The community alone is why I feel as successful as I am today, and we haven’t even shipped our first game yet!”

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Part 1 of CJ’s Trip to GDC 2015!

In a small article, CJ wrote about his experience at this year’s GDC!

“I recently had the fortune to attend the Game Developers Conference 2015 from March 2-6 in San Francisco, through the GDC’s conference associate program. I received a free All-Access pass (worth $2100 the day of), a small weekly wage, free access to their Vault program ($495 / year subscription), and food vouchers to use throughout the week. It was a lot of work, but very rewarding at the same time.

I loved every second of my time at Game Developers Conference 2015. I worked really hard, dutifully completing the work assigned to me. In my “free” time, I was attending session after session. These sessions were with industry professionals who’ve successfully released at least a single game. They learned a lot over the course of their first year, and then some as they’ve continued development. From wearing multiple hats, among of which is marketing / business practices, I learned enough to melt my brain each and every day.”

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Facebook Challenge “Shave the Beard!”

Hey everyone! Unique challenge for you all: If our Facebook page can hit 500 likes in a month, CJ is going to shave his beard! Come check it out!

It’s getting hot here at Wicked Soul Studios, so we need more fans! Our co-founder, Captain CJ has issued this…

Posted by Wicked Soul Studios, LLC on Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Story Published in the Forum!

Gaining in popularity, the Forum also did a story on us!

“Fargo – Pair a mythical treasure with a heavily armed pirate and what do you get? Answer: a successful video game. At least that’s what game designer Cassidy Schnase, known as C.J., is shooting for with “Cursed Gold,” the working title of a video game he is developing for the Wii U game console.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Our story on WDAY!

Thanks to the popularity of the Emerging Prairie article, Wicked Soul Studios was featured on WDAY’s tv station!

“Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – A Fargo based video game design company is making history. If Wicked Soul Studios gets its product released, it’ll be the first North Dakota commercial product on a gaming console.”

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Along with WDAY’s story, you can also read it on Prairie Business Magazine, here.

Wicked Soul Studios Wii U License Announcement!

Along with our Facebook announcement of our Wii U license, our friends at Emerging Prairie did a great article on the story!

Here’s a short snipet of their story:

“On December 2, 2014, local video game designer CJ Schnase received a phone call that he immediately had to share with the world. It was from a member of Team Nintendo, calling in response to an application to design video games for the Wii U.

“They asked, are you still interested in developing for the Wii U?” Schnase said. “And I’m like, yeah!?!”

Schnase, who co-founded the Fargo-based video game design startup Wicked Soul Studios, LLCwith his friend Glenn Wade, had applied to design games for the Nintendo Wii U four months prior. He had nearly forgotten about it when he got the call, but after being accepted he knew this was their big break.

In fact, it’s a big break for the entire state of North Dakota.”

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